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Sing Your Heart Out Imperially

Yes, of course, you can sing imperially.

Let every confidence in you be heard whenever you hold that microphone.

At Imperial Pool & karaoke, your voice should be one of the reasons to prove that there is a piece of heaven on earth.

The lounge singing capital of the world has to know that you deserve a title of your own—Imperial Singer of the Universe!

If you and your co-employees would like to sing, chill, and host for your company’s group event, then Imperial Pool & karaoke located at 64 Route 303, Tappan, NY 10983, is the perfect venue. 

Let the voice within you and your colleagues’ be as grand as this place. Imperial Pool & karaoke is the only sport bar in NY that can give you that.

One imperial tip for you and for your fellow singers to enjoy every second of your performance at this full-sized bar in NY: Sing all the best 100+ songs suited to your own genre.

Let every melody, tune, harmony, blend and create a ripple effect of happiness.

Your night life won’t be the same.

Your rendition will be etched in every DNA of your being.

It’s about time to include your country among the best singers in the world.

The Law of Attraction must be real.

If you like to celebrate your birthday party with a bang, then Imperial Karaoke can cater to that birthday wish you have.

Celebrate and have a feast for the gift of life you have. Just savor every authentic Korean food, enjoy cold beer, feel, and party like a celebrity in your reserved private karaoke room.

Yes, you can have your own private room because Imperial Karaoke believes that you deserve to be treated like a royal.

Your budget should be the last thing you need to worry since this sport bar in NY is place for you to relax for reasonable prices.

To call for your reservations, dial (845)-359-3075.

Let every glass of merriment be as refreshing as the beverages you can have at this awesome sport bar in Tappan, NY.

You, your friends, and your entire family can belt out at Imperial from 4 PM- 2 Am every day except Monday. Better yet here is one imperial good news: Fun time is much longer every Friday and Saturday because you can sing out loud until 4 AM.

Don’t worry. You can have your karaoke reservation any time, even on Monday.

Please click this for awesome details:

The Voice. American Idol. The X Factor.

It’s about time to include one more best singing competition:

The Imperial Singers of the World!

Just sing and let your heart speak your feeling.

Get that microphone, choose your favorite love song, and sing your heart out imperially.

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